Enthusiast LED Red Light Therapy Panel
Enthusiast LED Red Light Therapy Panel
Enthusiast LED Red Light Therapy Panel
Specifications of Enthusiast LED Red Light Therapy Panel

The Enthusiast : Red Light Therapy LED panel

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Best Red Light Therapy panel for home users!

The Enthusiast is our customer's favorite Red Light Therapy panel (photobiomodulation) for a larger setup since it covers a large part of the body and can easily be used with multiple panels.

This red light therapy panel has radio connectivity, making it easy to control multiple red light therapy panels from one master. It can be used in a setup with multiple Enthusiasts and Athletes, here a stand could come in handy. Additionally, you can have multiple panels connected together so you only need one power plug.

The features of the panel

The panel uses 180 x 3 Watt LEDs and giving it a potential power of 540 Watt, however, the actual power output is 270 Watt to prevent overloading the LEDs. It is 90 * 22 centimeters making it one of the larger panels, allowing you to cover most of your torso.

With this panel you will get all you need for an impressive home setup!

In the box, you will find:

  • Panel
  • Power cord
  • Door mount
  • Wall mount

And of course, its CE marked.